Meet Joe

Joe comes from a humble background and was raised to appreciate all of the small things in life. At an early age, he learned the value of money, that it isn’t everything and it should be used, not loved.

Joe spent most of his life in the financial industry. Now, because he was frugal where it made sense, he was able to leave it behind and use his time to help others do more with less. He now runs a business consulting company. Joe doesn’t let his expertise in the financial field cloud his vision as to what is really important, living your best life.

Joe is married; he’s a dog lover, volunteer and artist.

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Meet Ryan

Before the internet, before reality TV shows, Ryan’s mom was known to all her friends as the Coupon Queen. Ryan was inducted into her money saving philosophy at an early age, and being lifted into recycling dumpsters to dig through old newspapers for coupons was just one of many hazing rituals. This mindset has served him well through life.

Ryan has been married for almost 16 years to his wife, Lucy, who shares his love of saving money while living their best lives now with travel and adventure. That includes living as digital nomads in 2 different foreign countries and learning another language to volunteer within local immigrant communities.

As an entrepreneur, Ryan has started several businesses and managed others. Some successful, some not. But as any true entrepreneur will tell you, you learn as much from your failures as your successes. He loves to share his experience and hard earned knowledge with friends, or pretty much anyone willing to listen.