Shop Amazon Smarter

The price that Amazon gives you is not always the best price. Do you want to learn how to get that best price easily? We’re breaking down each step you need to take when making every purchase on everyone’s favorite home shopping destination, We start our episode with a look back to our childhood shopping days, dogs that can’t stop eating and pools that are overpriced.

Fake Reviews

Learn how to spot inferior products with that appear to have great reviews. We share an amazing website that helps you to avoid products on Amazon with fake reviews.

Bonus: Browser Extensions

With so many new ones available, we are having a battle of the web browser extensions. When it comes to features, extras and settings, which online shopping browser extension rains supreme? You’ll find out if its Wikibuy or Honey.

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Reebok Pumps Commercial:

Dog Bowl for Fast Eaters:

Spot Fake Reviews: Fake Spot

Money Saving Browser Extension: Wiki Buy

Honey Browser Extension Join Honey