The Real Price of a Tiny House

Thinking that a tiny house is going to allow you to get away from it all and enjoy life as a digital nomad? Let’s bring some reality to the situation and help your wallet in the process. If you think tiny home living might be for you, listen to this; episode 3 before you make a big purchase on a small place.

Our First Interview: Joe interviews Lucy, Ryan’s wife, to learn what living in a tiny home together for over a year was like. What were the pitfalls? How much did they really spend? What would they have done differently? What was the toilet situation like? Learn from their experiences in today’s episode.

All about tiny home expenses:How are you going to pay for your tiny home? Is financing worth it? Do banks like to lend on them? What is your tiny home exit strategy? Will you be able to sell it if you need or have to? Where will you park? Real examples from buyers of small houses.

Don’t forget…Witty Banter.

Ryan’s Money Saving Tip of the Week: Did you know that a roof replacement for an RV is thousands of dollars? Ryan’s money saving tip of the week accomplishes the same thing for a fraction of the price *ding!

Check out the blog for this weeks episode. “Lucy’s 2 Cents” Blog Post for this episode will help you save even more money and you get her valuable insights.
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