Five Things to Always Buy at Costco, Side Hustle Bounty Hunting Interview with Chris, Get Paid to Drink Beer.

Costco is a destination.  Designed to draw you in with deep discounts and play on our treasure hunting mentality, Costco makes the majority of its money on one thing, find out on today’s podcast. We break down the top things that you should always buy at Costco, you may be surprised at number five. What part of the store holds the biggest discounts? Treasure hunting for bargains has never been so good.

If you are shopping online at, how do you make sure that you get the best deals? We tell you how much Instacart is charging you to do the Costco shopping for you. Make sure to listen because we are sharing how you could lose out by shopping directly on the website.

Interview with Chris: Side Business Extraordinaire.  He has started every business from crypto currency mining and trading of Bitcoin to being a bounty hunter for cars. Have you ever been paid to drink beer? He has and he’s going to share how you can too. Chris also shares his favorite find at Costco… not what we expected.

This weeks Podcast is brought to you by… no one, just us and we think you like it that way… for now.

Each episode comes with a blog from “Lucy’s 2 Cents” or Ryan’s Review.  This week, Ryan explains what each price tag means for your wallet in store and online.  You are going to want to use this cheat sheet every time you shop there, especially when Costco decides to discontinue an item. check out the blog here: Ryan’s Review.

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