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On this week’s episode we talked about the hidden meanings behind some of Costco’s prices. Being able to identify these prices will help you to find even better deals while shopping at Costco.

Here are just some of those helpful hints:

  • Unlike typical retailer stores, Costco will not have BIG sale signs indicating that a product is on clearance. Instead, the secret Costco price code for clearance is a price ending in $0.97. Typically, these items are marked down as “Manager Specials” and won’t last for too long at that price. In these cases, you can ask the manager for the original price to see what it was marked down from.
  • The 97-cent price isn’t the only indicator of a discount, sometimes you will see items ending in .49, .79, .89 , these prices indicate a special promotional offer straight from the manufacturer.
  • If a Costco price tag ends in .00 or .88, it means that stock of the item is low or that someone has returned the item and the inventory is probably limited to what you see in front of you — if you are interested in the item, a .00 or .88 means the manager has marked it down in store to get rid of it, Make sure that before you rush to get it in there isn’t a reason that it has been marked down, such as a missing or broken piece.
  • Items with an “*” in the upper right-hand corner will not be reordered.
    That asterisk in the upper right-hand of the price tag means you probably won’t be seeing that product again once the stock is sold out. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been discounted, but it likely means the price won’t get any lower.

So the next time you are at Costco keep your eye out for these special codes to help you save even more during your shopping adventure.