Best Cell Phone Plans, Low as $7 Bucks a Month

You remember that sound, it’s coming from a block on your belt loop. This is long before cell phones made it main stream, it’s your beeper going off.  You see 911 before the number. It’s your mom, looking for the pickles. We’re covering the history of communication in our lifetime.  From 4.4 pound brick phones to having to remember all the phone number of your friends and family.  How did we do it? Most barely know their own.

Pop Quiz: Do you remember the phone number you had growing up?

About cell phones: We’re showing you how to save money on a big expense that you pay for every month.  What are you really paying for? What are your options?  The more people you have in your family, the more you are going to save. We’re breaking down our favorite 3 smart phone carriers in 3 different categories:

Super Cheap:  Plans from a carrier for as low as $7 – Really?  Yeah, and they are actually good.

Unlimited Data:  We don’t think you need it, but if you really do, we’re going to show you where to look first.

All Around Best: We share our favorite carrier, why they are the best and how you can get a deep discount for your monthly cell phone plan by treating your cell phone plan like that toilet paper that you have been hoarding.

Money Saving Tip of the week: This one is different, it’s less of a tip and more of a gift… for our tens of listeners! Use this to calculate how much you could save by making the cell phone switch.

Show Links:

Budget Bros Podcast

Best Cheap Plan – Tello

Best Unlimited – Wing Alpha

Best All Around Plan- Mint Mobile

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