Is it time to switch your cell phone service?

Right now many are taking a second look at their monthly expenses to find ways to tighten things up. One expense that is impossible to completely cut out is your cell phone bill. We use our cellphones for everything these days from business to online shopping and because of this we expect service that is reliable and fast. That’s often why the majority of people decide to go with one of the big 3 providers AT&T, Verizon, or T-mobile.

If you are like me, in the past you may have tried a smaller carrier or a prepaid service to save money and in doing so you got burned. You most likely experienced what I did, a ton dropped calls and super slow data speeds (this is know as deprioritization). Deprioritization often affects these small pre-paid carriers because they piggy back off of the 3 larger networks. If you are with one of the big 3, they will give you priority on data when the network is congested during peak times. In the past this could be big problem if you were with one of these smaller carriers, but in recent years this has changed.

Not all small pre-paid providers are created equal and not all throttle you down to next to nothing data speeds during peak hours. After doing a bit of research on which one of these smaller companies provided the best user experience for the best price, I came across Mint Mobile. They specialize in bulk pricing to provide deeper discounts and offer pre-paid plans of 3,6, and 12 months increments. They use T-Mobile’s network and their coverage map is nearly identical: (check out Mint Mobiles coverage map)

I suggest purchasing one of their 3 month plans to test out their network in your area (often times they offer new customer deals so make sure to search for them

Here are what their 3 months plans look like.

If after those 3 months you are satisfied with their service then I suggest purchasing the 12 month plan.  I Chose the 8GB plan for $240 dollars……Yes my entire year of cell service was only $240!

Check out their 12 month plans:

Mint mobile offers phones to purchase on their site but they also allow you to bring your own unlocked cell phone. Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s towers which means you would need a GSM compatible unlocked phone. Gently used versions of these phones can be found at a reasonable price on (just make sure the phone says it is GSM compatible before you buy it)

After 8 months with Mint

Here is my experience thus far with Mint Mobile

Phone service

The phone and sms service has been very reliable. There are a couple of places where I live that I have experienced a dropped call, but to be fair I believe these are dead zones for most cell service providers. I also noticed that during a long trip to Utah from Arizona I had cell service 95% of the time even when I was in the middle of nowhere.


I think that the data speeds are respectable even during peak hours where you may be deprioritized.  I will post some of my speed test results below to see what on and off peak hours may look like for you. I also want to mention that I often stream pandora and podcasts while running around town and I cannot remember a single instance when I lost internet.

Final thoughts

Some people may shy away from Mint Mobile because they are looking for an unlimited data plan. What many may not realize is that they are not using nearly as much data as they think each month. The average cell phone user only consumes about 2-3 gigs of data a month. I suggest taking a look in your phone settings to get a better idea of how much data you actually use.

In conclusion, I couldn’t be more pleased by switching over to Mint Mobile. Besides saving over $500 a year I am also getting solid coverage.
The customer service is also outstanding; during the last several months of the pandemic Mint Mobile has provided me with free unlimited data (although I still only used less than 2 gigs a month).

I highly recommend Mint Mobile to anyone who has been thinking of making a switch to save money without loosing a great deal of quality.

If you are thinking of switching cell phone providers and are wondering if it makes financial sense to do so, we created a free tool to help you make that decision. Get Our Free Tool

I also want to make it clear that we are not affiliated with Mint Mobile or any other company that we have recommended on our website. We just like sharing what good deals we find and ways that save us money. If you like this deal or if you have a deal that you would like to share with us feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email.