Top 10 Gig Economy Jobs

The topic of jobs seems to be on many people minds right now. In this week’s episode of our podcast we set out to research ways people can supplement their income thru ‘gig economy’ work. Below is the list of the top ten gig economy jobs available right now.


1. Food Delivery
People are having nearly everything delivered right now and that includes food from their favorite restaurant.  Companies like Uber EatsDoorDash and Postmates are constantly looking for more drivers.
One major advantage to work like this is that you can pick your own schedule. You can also expect to make between $10-$22 an hour depending on which service you choose and how much you earn in tips.

2. Handyman Services
Before you count yourself out of this category, “handyman services” can cover a wide variety tasks. If you can do jobs from assembling IKEA furniture and mounting TVs to cleaning and moving various items, your skills can earn you cash. Check out Taskrabbit to see their more detailed list of in-demand tasks and upload your skills today.

3. At-home customer service rep
Many companies have outsourced their customer service departments. If you enjoy talking to people on the phone or have experience with this type of work then this may be a great option.

Check out outsourcing companies like Sykes and Working Solutions, where you may find home based part-time work.

4. Use Fiverr and Upwork
If you are skilled in things like website optimization, logo design, article writing, or proofreading (to name a few) then Fiverr and Upwork maybe a great place to make some extra money.
On Upwork you can search thru posted jobs in order to try to get gigs . Whereas Fiverr reverses this process by allowing you to advertise your skills and specify the jobs that you want to take on.

5. Deliver Packages for Amazon Flex
With Amazon Flex  you can earn up to $25/hour delivering packages to their Prime customers. You need to have at least a mid-sized sedan and you cover gas, maintenance and any other car expenses. If you live in less densely populated area with minimal traffic or close to an Amazon warehouse, this may be a great option for you!

6. Drive for Veyo

Veyo operates much like Uber and Lift except they specialize in transporting Medicaid and Medicare members to and from their healthcare appointments. Drivers can make up to $25 an hour and they are currently looking for drivers in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Michigan, and Virginia.

7. Make extra money taking surveys
Taking surveys for money is now simpler than ever. You can even take surveys from your Smartphone, Check our Survey Junkie ! Their interface is super smooth and intuitive and they pay in cash via Paypal.

8. Get paid to watch videos
Believe it or not you can actually get paid to watch videos, movie previews, news, and a variety of other videos.
Websites sites like Swagbucks will pay you to watch certain videos. They tell you how many minutes you need to watch the video for and then you may be asked to take a quick survey about what you watched.
You can make around $350 a month just by spending 10 minutes a day watching videos.

9. Online Teaching Jobs
These days a good amount of these jobs require a Bachelor’s Degree or an ESL certification, but some will hire you even without the degree.

A company like TutorABC requires a degree but Magic Ears  is a great example of one that does not. The pay rate varies from company to company but many teachers can earn between $15-$25 an hour. Here is a list of several other reputable English teaching companies: Qkids, Cambly, and iTalki.

10. Become a full-service shopper thru Instacart
Instacart hires “Full-service” (independent contractors) and “In-store” shoppers (W-2 employees based in supermarkets). “Full-service” shoppers fall into gig economy type work. As one of these shoppers thru Instacarts app, you receive customer orders and then get to choose which ones to accept or decline. You can expect to earn $10-$25 an hour for this type of work and also can receive tips. If you like to shop and are customer service oriented this maybe a great gig for you!